2 thoughts on “Gator Head Logo at Florida Field

  1. Steve "Gator" Wood

    Go Gator head logo! Good for at least three more wins at home! As Spurrier explained twenty years ago, “Us Gators are comfortable in there, but we want our opponents to be tentative. A swamp is hot and sticky and can be dangerous.” In other words, in swamps, only gators get out alive.

    1. patrickinkuwait Post author

      Just read a story a few days ago about how Spurrier came up with the Swamp. At one point he tossed around the idea of a “Gator Bog”. I’m glad smarter heads prevailed. In the end, always, always, always make significant changes in the off-season. The year we came up with the Gator Head logo, we unveiled prior to the Auburn game and promptly lost. Never tempt fate.


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