The Monday Morning Rant

The ambivalence is overwhelming, Gator Nation!

What exactly did we see this weekend? It is not as if our expectations could have been in the stratosphere to start this season. Ok—I did expect a wee bit more offense this year. I did not expect to see a whole lot less.

First, let’s address starting both QBs on the first play. It makes us look especially arrogant given the underwhelming victory. Why are we continuing this debate into the season? Pick one, game plan and move on with the season. We have lost any amount of luxury of time to be making this decision.

Technically, I was correct that Jacoby Brissett would start–even if it was for the first play of the game. The problem as I see it is that Jeff Driskel has the edge on starting ONLY BECAUSE OF HIS SCRAMBLING ABILITY. Our offensive line is supposed to be improved, but that is hardly the case. We couldn’t even pick up 3rd and short on six different occasions….against Bowling Green!?!? They only positive I see is that we were very one dimensional on offense which I assume was on purpose. My only hope is that we break open the play book next week against Texas A&M. The only thing working in our favor is that Texas A&M did not play this weekend and will be facing us in their very first game of the season.

I want to take this opportunity to introduce our new Offensive Coordinator–Will Muschamp. Apparently, hiring Brent Pease to design a shifting motion offense for us was a clever deception for other teams to prepare for all summer long when in fact we intend to pound the ball running straight into a defense stacked up to stop the run. Ok, I get he wanted to test his players. Fine. How about at least not telegraphing for the world to see what we are going to do? Most of the Top 25 this weekend played against inferior teams and didn’t open up their offenses, but still managed to push around the other teams. I’ve said from the beginning that I did not know if Muschamp was an X’s and O’s type of coach. That still has changed.

On the positive front, Mike Gillislee ran the ball 24 times and picked up 148 yards. There is promise there for us….even if it was against a second tier team.

We have no passing game. Not sure if that was by design this weekend, but I know if we go another season with no downfield passing, then last year’s 7-6 record is going to look good by comparison.

So what do we have?

Jury is out on the defense. I know we had a bunch of returning players, but we weren’t especially effective on defense last year unless we played someone ineffective on offense. We didn’t blitz and we rushed the front four. No sacks, but we did get some pressure. Our tackling was spotty at time. I’m going to do a “wait and see” on this one.

We are starting the season at +1 in turnovers.

I still say Jacoby Brissett should be starting, but if the O-Line can’t protect then we have to go with Driskel only because he can move the pocket around.

The new kickoff rule is going to seriously hamper Debose, but this is also a wait and see.

Ultimately, I’m throwing this game away and starting the season fresh next week against Texas A&M. I’m going to assume that we have a solid gameplan ready to go for next week that will showcase our significant improvements. I’m also counting on Brent Pease to call the offense next week and not Muschamp. In essence, I’m expecting everything that did not happen this week.

In all kinds of weather, Gator Nation.

Go Gators!


3 thoughts on “The Monday Morning Rant

  1. ralph1952

    THus far, all indications reveal that Driskell will win the starting QB position through the simple fact that our Offensive line can’t protect the QB in the pocket. Consequently, our QB will NEED to be able to scramble and throw on the run. But does (or will) he have receivers? Well, we just don’t know. Gillespie was the high point for me on Saturday, but this team showed me little else. Against a team like BG, our defense didn’t really shine and neither did we mount much of an offense. I agree that this Saturday’s game against Texas A&M will more likely be our first real game. But we MUST be able to throw the ball down field. I also hated the predictable, conservative calls. If not, this season will be one of great disappointment and my weekends will be severely depressing.

    1. patrickinkuwait Post author

      I actually wonder if we purposefully didn’t stretch the field. Muschamp has this approach about being overly protective of his gameplan. That was about as one dimensional as I’ve ever seen the Gators. The other time was when Spurrier was up 21-3 on Auburn in either 97 or 98 and proceeded to run the ball every play in an effort to produce some sort of rushing attack. My concern is defense. If they don’t show up this season we are in a very uncomfortable situation.

  2. patrickinkuwait Post author

    One other thing…..I have to give credit to Coach Muschamp for running a tight ship. Minimal off the field distractions. Very minimal acting out in public by the players. No bulletin board material. I know the comparisons to Zook will come up, but have to face facts….he’s got things far more organized than the Zooker ever did.


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