Scouting the Competition

130914 UK Game with Dad

Mrs. TGN and Grandpa TGN along with yours truly in Lexington, KY this past weekend.  Not one Kentucky Wildcat mentioned anything about my 2006 Florida Gator National Chammpionship hat (as seen in the picture above).

Was able to get away with the wife this past weekend and join my dad for a Kentucky-Louisville football game. The Wildcats are our upcoming opponent in two weekends and have a new coach in Mark Stoops.  The short of it, UK is under-sized and lack overall depth and talent. They play hard–extremely hard–for their coach and my guess is that the first half will be interesting. Probably more interesting if we start turning the ball over. They have improved noticeably since losing to Western Kentucky in the opening game. More next week on this game.

Always good to join my dad for these events.

A nice photo below of Commonwealth Stadium nine minutes before kickoff. The stadium did eventually fill up mid-way through first quarter, but was pretty empty for awhile.  Basketball remains king in the Bluegrass state.

Nine minutes before kickoff at Commonwealth Stadium

Nine minutes before kickoff at Commonwealth Stadium


2 thoughts on “Scouting the Competition

  1. Sydne McMahon

    I have to admit after seeing our performance against Miami I am very nervous about all our games. I am hoping our streak continues against UK.

    1. patrickinkuwait Post author

      First, Sydne….all good streaks come to an end. That’s why I don’t put any faith in them. That said, we should prevail against UK only because we have depth and size on both sides of the ball. Ball control is where we will win games this year. Turning the ball over will obviously not help, but even so we almost won with five turnovers against Miami. We just need to manage the games better. Fear not….we do have time to turn it all around. Go Gators!


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