Not What You Think

The sky is not falling, Gator Nation.
As Agent Smith said to Neo in the movie the Matrix, “That is the sound of inevitability, Mr. Anderson.”  All streaks come to an end.  It should have ended last year as Kentucky was the better team…though, the poorer decision maker obviously.  Neither of our lines performed last week.  We also were not as focused as UK.  They were not going to be denied and they came in and at every instance punched us in the face.  Chicken Little is not running around.  Too many references to All Kinds of Weather, Gator Nation.  We are not there yet.  Another week and more development from the team.  Let’s talk some football…
The biggest fear was realized last week.  Our D-Line was not getting any push up the middle.  We didn’t the week before against Charleston Southern.  I suspect it will likely be better this week against Colorado State, which I believe will be more of a shoot out than most people think, but one in which we will prevail.  The bigger surprise was how much UK pushed around our O-Line.  While it has not been our strength in recent years, I did not foresee the Wildcats controlling the line of scrimmage…which they did all game.  I expected more of a run attack by our running backs and, actually, anticipated us running the ball quite a bit…which we did not.  So, missed tackles on defense, and no push on offense.  Pretty much led to the streak ending last week.  Whatever.  We have Colorado State this week with an epic payout of $2M for buying Coach MacElwain 4 years ago.  At the time, it was a very creative way to purchase a coach and get what we wanted.  Not sure we go what we wanted in hindsight, but we aren’t going into the game with eyes wide shut.  Colorado State was 0-2 headed into their game against Arkansas having lost huge to Hawaii and Colorado.  Then preceded to light up up the Razorbacks for 17 points in the 4th quarter and the win.  Needless to say, they won’t be sneaking up on us.  We suffered a huge loss with Marco Wilson in the secondary and will have a freshman, either Brian Wilson or Trey Dean, playing at Cornerback now.  Our secondary is thin, very thin, so this does not bode well with a weak D-line.  That said, I think our secondary will be fine.  Both freshmen have been playing this season and likely will get much better as the season moves along.  I also believe that our defense will improve.  Just out of shear force of will to do so.  Mullen is not MacElwain.  Yes, he is dealt a hand like the last two coaches that was not great, but he’s also not making excuses and he is working these guys harder to make them more of a team.  The organization of our Gators is clearly improved from our past two coaches, though deference to Will Muschamp because I think he tried hard, it was just his first coaching experience.   There is no spoon.
Feleipe Franks should be out as QB.  No.  Not even remotely.  I’m excited to see Kyle Trask play this year, but only after we’ve put up 40 points.  Franks has more game time and has clearly shown more in practice than anyone else.  I’m also not going to question Mullen after turning Chris Leak into a National Championship winning QB, Tim Tebow, Dak Prescott and a whole host of others.  That is just ridiculous and anyone thinking this is not seeing the improvement from last year to this year.  If our O-Line gives Franks time, we will win the game….any game.  Period.  That’s all I have to say about that.  On the flip side, Colorado State is going to throw the ball and throw the ball and throw the ball.  In three games, they have less than 300 yards total rushing.  Conversely, they have thrown for almost 400 yards a game.  Their strategy might not be hard to figure out.  I’m looking for multiple picks by our secondary this game.  Even beat up, our secondary is still good and our defense will absolutely, without question, put more pressure on the QB this week.  It’s inevitable.  Colorado State QB, K.J. Carta-Samuels is prolific and will likely light it up a bit, but in the end a good pass rush and a great secondary will limit what CSU can do.  They won’t be able to run the ball either.  I’m taking the blue pill and I’m not even in another reality.  I’ve exhausted my Matrix references.  Florida 49 Colorado State 21.  Game time is 4pm EST, 1pm PST on SEC Network.  I’m hoping for a few special team surprises by the Gators this year….even a kickoff returned for a TD would be great by our Gators!  A return to norm if you will.  In Central Ohio, you can join your local Gator Club at Smokehouse Brewing Company where Victory is best served with Gators!  ‘Nuff said.
Go Gators!

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