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Back In The Swing of Things

Sorry for the blackout, Gator Nation.

Many of you by now realize why I was delinquent in my TGN duties as you followed my other WordPress blog, PatrickInKuwait. Much has transpired in my absence and I’m not sure I can make up the difference, but will try. For the full complete story, I would ask you to visit the blog referenced above. It does greater justice to the story.

In short, my story goes as follows: I was deployed to the Middle East for the better part of the last year. I had a very good idea that I would be home toward the end of October or early November. As it turned out, I arrived CONUS (Continental U.S.) about mid-October, but still had about three weeks of administrative processing to do before heading home. Mrs. TGN and I really wanted to surprise the kids for my return. They were only told that I’d be home before Christmas and that was pretty much it. We thought it would be nice to show up to their schools and let them know I was home. For the oldest we had a modest reunion in the High School principal’s office and for the youngest we had a big public reunion in her classroom that left most with tears in their eyes. You only have these opportunities once, so we wanted to ensure that everything went according to plan. As you can see from the picture below:

The Daughter and The Dad

Thus it was necessary to go out of communications range for what seemed like ages, but was in reality on a short while. I had to make all my settings on Facebook so that no one would know where I was or have some “friend of a friend” inadvertently post that I was here in the U.S. The emails stopped primarily because time was limited and there was a large amount of work that needs to be done to get a group as large as the one I was with out of the Middle East. I didn’t even sleep the last 44 hours before departing Kuwait on our flight….which was good because I slept the entire two legs of the flight to Baltimore airport. The one exception was the Florida – Georgia game and I will deal with that in a separate post.

After getting stateside, I spent the next three weeks in Virginia doing the final administrative out-processing necessary for me to finally go home. I had a brief stop in Kentucky to see my parents before heading to Ohio and the family.

All that said, it is finally time to start cranking out posts by TGN and get back in the swing of things. Sorry for the outage, but there will definitely be more to follow. ‘Nuff said…for now.

Go Gators!

Because It’s Florida-Georgia

Back from the abyss, Gator Nation!

I will provide an update on what has transpired in recent weeks, but not right now.  In fact, it is truly a great story and one I will share in a few weeks.  Needless to say, I’ve placed myself in a communications black hole for the time being.  A necessary part of life, I’m afraid.  I would not even be posting this except for a very pleasant email I received from Randy Hart.  Randy is a great Gator and we started at UF together in 1987 and I met him that fall and we’ve been fortunate to stay in touch and be part of the Columbus Gator Club for the last 8 years.  So in honor of Randy, let’s talk some football…

Georgia is coming into the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party a wounded pup.  They were spanked by South Carolina very unexpectedly after having very high hopes for this season.  Needless to say…but I’ll say it anyway…this game looms HUGE for them.  They need to win this game and win out to secure the SEC East.  We, on the other hand, win this game and we win the SEC East outright with four games to go in the season.  As you can imagine, Jacksonsville will be rocking.  Georgia has had the offense this year and with Aaron Murray as QB, it has been easy to do.  They average almost 40 points a game and have a great running back duo in Gurley and Marshall.  It’s their defense that has not performed after high expectations to do so.  You can’t give up 25 points a game and expect to win in the SEC.  This week, though, expect a high level of emotion.  Georgia’s season is on the line and all the stops will be pulled.  They don’t have a choice.  Expect the defense to throw everything at Jeff Driskel in his first Florida-Georgia game.  Reading all the pre-game hype, even with our big Victories and 7-0 record, everybody….and I mean EVERYBODY is thinking that we will lose this game.  That an emotional Georgia team will come in and put us in our place.  I just have one thing to say….let them try.

I’ve wanted to write so much in recent weeks with our team moving ahead like they have, but let’s just focus on today.  We don’t have the stats and we don’t seem to have the playmakers other than Gillislee, but we keep winning and our defense keeps rising to the occasion.  My guess is that Will Muschamp has thoroughly prepared for this game.  You don’t think he wants to win this one very bad?  Here’s my main point with today’s game…we can’t let Georgia win.  If we let them win then it’s two wins in a row and that constitutes a streak and that I can not abide.  We absolutely have to win this game for more than just the SEC East.  We have to win because we are Florida and it’s never enough to just beat Georgia once in awhile.  If you are a Gator who graduated in the last two decades, you are not familiar with the rivalry as it was when we didn’t win as much.  I would tell you I don’t ever want to go back to those days.  We need this win.  We need the SEC East.  I don’t care what the stats say…we need Florida football back on top.  Not much in the way of stats for today other than we need to keep improving our turnover margin in our favor.  Florida 27  Georgia 17.  Gillislee for 170 yards today.  Game time is 3:30pm EST, 12:30 pm PST, and 10:30pm local Kuwait time.  If you’re not at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, then I hope you are at your local Gator Club where Victory over Georgia is best served with Gators!  ‘Nuff said.

Go Gators!