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The List

The Coaches' Trophy later presented to the 200...

The Coaches’ Trophy later presented to the 2008 Florida Gators football team seen at the 2009 FedEx BCS National Championship Media Day at Dolphin Stadium on January 5, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Utilizing a technology way beyond most human comprehension (not really) and applying an acute analysis (probably not) from yours truly, I give to you the teams that will NOT be winning the National Championship this year. Please note–they may make the title game, but will not be winning it.

Disclaimer: If you think this is the pinnacle of rocket science and want to use it to gamble, bet with your friends or anything that involves risk to you or anyone you know….you are on your own. This is unskilled labor at its best. You’ve been warned.

Ok, so here the following teams who will not be winning the National Championship this year. I have my reasons, but suffice it to say, they can win all their games and get to the NC, but unless two teams on this list make the NC game, none will be winning it. These are teams currently ranked in the Top 25 AP and Coaches Poll and ESPN Power Rankings. No team will come off the list, it will only grow as the season goes along. I have to say I’m excited to see if I’m proved correct at season’s end.

The List (in no particular order):
Alabama (not a typo)
Georgia (one loss)
Texas A&M (one loss)
Fresno State
Oklahoma State
South Carolina (one loss)
Ole Miss
Notre Dame (one loss)

Ohio State came THISCLOSE to making the list, but so far the numbers work in their favor and they remain off “The List”. Note: All teams listed at this point have zero or one loss. Once a team gets their second loss then “The List” becomes moot because they aren’t going to the NC game anyway. I do not foresee a repeat of LSU’s championship season.

Go Gators!