Halftime with Jacksonville State

Halftime, Gator Nation.

So I said that I’d post something at halftime if this game wasn’t pretty over by then. Looks like I need to come up with something. Let’s talk some football….

It’s simple, get the ball to Trey Burton and Omarius Hines….A LOT today. I can’t believe how inefficient we have been on offense today. Our defense hasn’t been much either but at least it is still a shutout….even if it took two missed field goals to do it. We need a few more plays where we chuck the ball down the field and our defense needs to step up and take the ball away a few times in the second half.

This is Senior Day for us. It is now or never for this team. If we play like this next week, it is going to be brutal. I’m still thinking we have at least 4 TDs left in us. It is time for this Gator team to put this game away. ‘Nuff said.

Go Gators!


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